Basically an explanation as to where I’ve been the last few months.

Bad break up with abusive asshole, got kicked out, found houseshare, got into uni, got referred to neurologist for CT scan of my brain because of my headache/migraime things.

Trying to finish college and sort out money re…

((Casually watching my follower vid and I remembered that time I had a breakdown and damnit guys I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you lot. U.u ))



I’m back!

College is a little less stressful and uni interviews are halfway through, so this bitch is back for the time being!

Plus I missed you all too much.

Pretty pretty please can you send me any links to RP’s because my notification thing is dead and I only have two drafts.

Also I love you and thank you to those who stuck by me even though I’ve been awol for months.

Oh look, the rain has stopped. I think this calls for a celebration.

Anyone with me?


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Break my muse in 15 words or less.

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Addiction AU with johannaof221b



Sighing, Jo slipped beneath the sheets, pressing a kiss to Johanna’s forehead. “Alright, you win. But you can phone Sarah and explain that you’re not letting me out of bed,” she chuckled, pleased that her movements no longer mirrored that of a knife stabbing into her. 

"Alright," Johanna smiled and leaned over the side of the bed to pull out her phone from the drawer on the bedside table. "Jo you just stay in bed, okay?" She asked and adjusted her girlfriend’s pillows once before slipping out of bed and into the hallway. Leaning against the wall as she carried out the conversation as quietly as she possibly could.

Chuckling softly, Jo breathed in her wife’s scent, sighing happily. Sometimes, it was almost worth the pain just to spend the time with her. Wincing as her shoulder gave a twinge, Joanna reached over for her painkillers. Two more wouldn’t hurt. Exceptional circumstances, after all. Keeping an eye on the bedroom door, she swallowed the extra pills. It would stop Johanna worrying. 

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"Why can’t everyone just drive on the same side of the road? Why do they have to make it difficult for people?" Jo growled irritably as she pulled over to get her bearings. They had travelled to Boston for a medical conference and Jo and Johanna were having trouble getting used to driving. 

"Do you want me to drive for a bit?" 

"No, it’s fine. I just need to get my bearings. I’m not used to this at all." Jo stared out of the window, watching the other drivers, annoyed that  they found it so easy. Being jet lagged didn’t help either. 

"Er, Jo, we’re going to be late." Johanna murmured, checking her watch. 

"Ah Christ. Right, okay. Let’s try again, shall we?" Jo signaled and pulled out into the traffic, doubly terrified at going on the highway in heavy traffic. If she thought driving in London was bad, Boston was ten times worse at least. 

"People around here are so damn rude," she muttered irritably, wanting nothing more than to sleep. 

Indicating to turn off the highway, Jo glanced up at the signposts. They were going the right way at least. That was something. 

"Left here," Johanna piped up, reading the directions from the pile of papers the conference organizers had sent them.

"I know, love, I know," Jo pulled out carefully and didn’t notice the SUV coming towards them, tired as she was. 

The force of the impact shunted the car and sent it spinning, making Jo’s head reel. Oh God, this was not supposed to happen. Her seatbelt bit into her chest, her neck crying out against the sudden movement. The hire car rolled over and she found herself being pinned upside down in her seat, until the pain took over and she blacked out. 

Jo sighed as Johanna lay down and shifted so that she could wrap an arm around her wife. “Johanna, love. We’ve been in this situation before. If we could recover from the shoulder, you can recover from this. You know I’ll be here through it all.”

Jo sat back, breathing slowly. Now that there was no morphine, the pain had come flooding back and she was struggling to cope with it. “Oh great. She’ll come blustering in wanting to sue somebody.” Admittedly though, Joanna was glad that Holly was coming. They had been far closer to death than they had in a long time, and it had put everything into perspective. 

"She already told me we weren’t allowed to drive a car for years." Johanna sighed and fussed over her wife’s IV drips. "You know she’s going to want to snuggle you. And it’ll be worse than usual." 

Jo watched Johanna, knowing that it was a displacement activity for her anxiety. God only knew she wanted something of her own to do. “Oh dear Lord. In that case I want a warning and a huge dose of morphine beforehand to prepare myself,” she joked. 

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It’s Showtime! - Parent!Lock with shallnotdisappoint



Jo sipped at the water, sighing as it helped cool her down and ease her discomfort slightly. Settling down, she winced. With any luck, she would soon be far along enough to have an epidural to ease the pain. 

"Get comfy, ‘Lock. We’ll be here for a while," she murmured, closing her eyes for a moment. 

Sherlock shook his head, finally taking a seat to the chair next to her bed. “Don’t mind me. Just take a rest, Jo. I’ll watch over you.” The  detective whispered.

Though uneasy as he was when he’s in a hospital, he tried to calm himself and sit still. Jo doesn’t need to see it right now and so he composes himself and try to think of something else. Like her and their incoming firstborn.

Joanna smirked slightly. She knew him too well by this point not to notice the poorly camouflaged anxiety in his tone. Reaching a hand out, she brushed her thumb across his knuckles.

"You know, it’s meant to be the mother that panics," she joked, trying to put him at ease.